Promax – Exquisite Corpse

My contribution to Michael Waldron’s annual Exquisite Corpse Project is nestled amongst the work of a bevy of global designers. Read up:

When some of the leading artists in the motion design industry come together, the result is a trippy, surrealist video that is The Exquisite Corpse Project X.

The two-and-a-half-minute spot is a creative collaboration where a work-in-progress is passed from one person to the next. Creative Director Michael Waldron hand picked artists and companies from around the globe to create three-to-five-second original pieces, based only off of snippets that came directly before and after them in the final sequence.

Promax – HOT SPOT – Odd Mom Out

My work for Bravo’s Odd Mom Out with my friends at Stun was featured in the Promaxbda Daily Brief:

Jill Kargman returns as a satirical version of herself, an Upper East Side mom trying to navigate the world of wealthy, highly-staffed moms while staying somewhat true to herself.