Director-led post, crafted with love.
FitFinish is a lightweight post team that spares brick and mortar in kind regards for your budget.
  • VFX Supervision
  • Editorial
  • Color
  • 3D Model / Render
  • Animation
  • Tracking
  • Object / Wire Removal
  • Compositing
  • Sound
Say Hello.

We graded and stitched 3 plates to form this one-er with transition effects including a nod to the Contact through-the-mirror shot. We also provided camera tracking and 3D modeling, lighting, and rendering.

view AARP

We cut and colored this spot before tracking cameras and faces for CG beards, as well as replacing screens, simulating razors as particles, and overall cleanup.

view Braun

We cut, colored, comped, and stitched 5 motion control plates together to create this one-er for eBay.

view Ebay
Ohio Lottery

We colored this slow-mo one-er for Ohio Lottery and developed the 3D end tag which we tracked into the shot.

view Ohio Lottery

We cut and colored this wacky SunnyD spot as well as 3D speaker cone replacement in the test lab.

view SunnyD

From cut to color to comping, we stitched, glued, and combined shots and FX plates to create this wacky world for Sodastream.

view Sodastream