A new on-set service you're going to LOVE.
Instant proxies with frame-accurate timecode delivered immediately to the cloud for on-set and remote editorial and review.
Instant Proxies

A high quality proxy file is instantly generated each time the camera cuts and includes frame accurate timecode and clip name.

EditLink is compatible with all major camera platforms made by RED, Arri, Sony, etc.

EditLink is compatible with LUTs and Livegrade. Your DIT can connect to EditLink using Livegrade to bake looks into our realtime proxies. We can also load LUTs provided by DIT or DP.


Realtime HD video monitoring is available wirelessly on iOS and Android devices for the Director, department heads, Script Supervisor, clients, or any other on-site users.*

Low-latency off-site camera feed streams are available as well.

* Realtime monitoring requires users to provide their own iOS or Android device and to download a free app from the app store.

Satellite Internet

Each proxy file is uploaded to the cloud via satellite and/or cellular internet connections as soon as the camera cuts and is availble on-site and off-site within moments.

EditLink utilizes StarLink – a high speed satellite internet connection – and multiple carrier SIM cards when indoors or satellite placement is not viable.

Cloud Access

Access can be granted to anyone with an internet connection to instantly review clips in the cloud.

Further access can be given to on-site or off-site editors to immediately import clips into Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, and Resolve for editorial as the shoot continues.

All proxy footage created by EditLink is timecode-accurate and can be relinked to camera originals, sub-masters, or colored dailies.

On-Set Editorial

EditLink provides on-set editorial services with the ability to edit and present throughout the day, evaluate match-action, composite over pre-viz, etc.

We can customize our editorial service to meet your needs on a per-project basis. We can also support your on-site or off-site editor.


$2,500 – Per shoot day – includes instant proxies and access to cloud footage for 30 days for one camera

$400 – Additional camera feed per day

$800 – On-set editor per day

$500 – Prep Day

$400 – Off-site camera live stream per day

Why you’ll love it

EditLink turns your production into a cloud-based production.

Tight turn-arounds and a desire to get our hands on media sooner requires access to footage immediately and anywhere in the world.

EditLink creates and delivers proxy clips to the cloud AS you shoot. No more waiting for camera cards to be offloaded, transcoded, and shuttled around before editors and stake-holders can begin working with the footage. Editors immediately receive clips directly in their NLE!

Our proxies have frame-accurate timecode and clipnames which means they can be relinked to camera originals, sub-masters, etc when those clips finally make it off the camera and to their final destination. In the meantime, you can get to work cutting and reviewing the media – right now.

The Pandemic has changed the way we work. More clients and stake-holders are attending shoots remotely. EditLink can also stream your camera feeds to those who remain off-site using low-latency streaming servers strategically placed around the world. Have a client out of the country? We can stream to a local server in their neck of the woods.

Technical Specifications

EditLink can accept up to DCI-4k 60p resolution input via SDI.

The recommended settings for proxies generated by EditLink are 8-bit 1080p 4:2:0 HEVC mp4 files. The data rate can be adjusted up to 45 Mbps, though we generally recommend 2-5 Mbps as a nice balance between quality and upload speed.

We also have the ability to adjust the following parameters of the proxies: subsampling at 4:2:2, 10-bit depth, and up to 2160p resolution.

EditLink requires an SDI feed from the camera that includes the metadata stream. This can be taken directly from camera or from a Teradeck wireless stream – from the 1st AC for instance.

EditLink supports Livegrade connections or static LUTs. We recommend feeding EditLink a clean LOG SDI source if you plan to use LUTs or Livegrade.

We recommend feeding audio to our system via a hard line mono mix from the sound mixer, though we can also use audio embedded in the SDI via a hop to camera, etc.

Off-speed Considerations

EditLink currently uses the real-time video feed from camera and does not capture off-speed clips at their slowed or sped rate. If you are over or under-cranking, the system will capture the clip at the native base rate (just like VTR).

However, we can manually capture clips if played back from the camera at the over or under-cranked rate. These clips will not have accurate timecode, but can be used as placeholder in the edit or reviewed anywhere in the world.

EditLink vs VTR

EditLink is best thought of as a supplement to VTR. VTR services the Director and Clients to monitor high quality video feeds and immediate playback of takes.

However, in certain situations – especially very small crews – EditLink can provide much of the functionality of VTR. EditLink provides real-time video streams to any iOS or Android device (maximum 20 connections). Additionally, clips are available in the cloud to be reviewed on any device with an internet connection, allowing any crew member, client, or off-site stakeholder the ability to freely review clips as they are shot.

EditLink is best suited to provide cloud-based on-demand review of clips and the ability to perform on-site or off-site editorial as the shoot progresses.


EditLink proxies are available on Frame.io and thus come with all of Frame.io commenting and organizational features.

Included in the pricing are two Frame.io user accounts which can be granted to editors and those who need administrative privileges for up to 30 days from wrap (can be extended for a small fee). Review links can be shared with as many users as needed for basic access to view footage as it is shot.

Any on-set edits will also be posted to Frame.io for sharing and review.